• Our Canberra Omnibus Survey has been meeting the needs of a wide range of government, academic, community and business clients frequently and cost-effectively since 1998. 

  • The survey is conducted most months mainly by telephone with a fresh sample of 1,000 people representative of the adult Canberra community, with findings compiled into a succinct tabular report.

  • Keeping up with rapid changes in people’s behaviour regarding market and social research surveys, we now draw melded samples of landlines and mobile phone numbers (better to include highly mobile and younger people), plus a small on-line sample component (better to include people who are unable or unwilling to be interviewed by telephone).

  • For a minimum of five questions, the cost per basic simple question is $950 (+GST).  So, a survey with:

    • 5 simple questions will cost you as little as $4,750 (+ GST),

    • 10 simple questions will cost you as little as $9,500 (+ GST),

    • 15 simple questions will cost you as little as $14,250 (+ GST) 

    • 20 simple questions will cost you as little as $19,000 (+GST)

    • Some additional costs do apply for open-ended and more complex closed questions.

    • We will provide you with a detailed quote on receipt of draft questions.

  • We have not increased prices for five years now.  However, due to cost increases associated with COVID-19, we expect to increase the above costs from the January 2021 wave by around 10%.

  • The basic fees for our Canberra Omnibus Survey include:

    • Assisting with finalisation of questions.

    • Conducting the survey fieldwork.

    • Analysing the data.

    • Compiling a tabular report, with summary tables, charts and comments if warranted.

    • When more detailed reporting is needed, we are happy to do so, and will quote on this aspect separately.

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